120mm Inter-Tech Argus RS-051 RGB


Inter-Tech Argus RS-051 RGB, fan, 12 cm, 900 RPM, 22 dB, 50.12 cfm, black

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Inter-Tech Argus RS-051 RGB. Type: Fan, Fan Diameter: 12cm, Rotation Speed (Max): 900 RPM, Noise Level (High Speed): 22dB, Max Airflow: 50.12 cfm. Width: 120 mm, depth: 120 mm, height: 25 mm. Product color: black

The smooth-running 120mm RGB LED fan from Argus offers a stylish effect with a total of 12 RGB LEDs, which are located behind a semi-transparent ring. Rubberized pads in the fan corners on both sides of the fan ensure vibration-free operation and leave the option open whether the fan should suck in cool air or blow the warm air out of the case.

The connection is made via a 2pin, which is connected to the reset switch of the case, for example, and thus makes it independent of mainboards with RGB headers, which makes the fan compatible with almost every case and system. The fan can be combined individually or with a large number of other RS-051s and switched synchronously.