Green Cell 600VA 360W Surge Protector 230V Black


Green Cell UPS01LCD, Line-Interactive, 600 VA, 360 W, Sine, 230 V, 230 V

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Green Cell UPS01LCD. UPS topology: Line-Interactive, output capacity: 600 VA, output power: 360 W. AC connector types: Type F, connector: Type F, number of AC outputs: 2 AC outputs. Battery capacity: 7 Ah, battery voltage: 12 V, battery life (max.): 5 year (s). Form factor: Tower, Color of product: Black, Display: LCD. Width: 101 mm, depth: 298 mm, height: 142 mm

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device whose purpose it is to provide power when our home or work place goes out of power. A sudden power failure can cause not only the loss of important data but also damage to electronic equipment. The emergency power supply enables us to save the effects of our work and safely switch off the device. Thanks to the built-in batteries, the power pack can take on the role of a socket and maintain the power supply even in the event of large and long-term voltage fluctuations. When there is power in the socket, the UPS stores energy in the battery and provides the connected devices with sufficient surge protection.

With a love of detail
We took care of every aspect when developing the UPS. By combining maximum functionality with a unique design, we have created a device that looks great and blends in with any environment. In order to make the use of the UPS as comfortable as possible, we have equipped it with a readable LCD screen that provides information about many parameters that are important for the operation of the UPS.

Type of UPS system
Line interactive: The UPS system with the Line-Interactive AVR topology is an improved version of the offline power supply unit. They are equipped with an automatic voltage stabilizer, which not only protects against power failure, but also against disturbances in the network. These power supplies guarantee the full safety of all devices connected to the UPS.

It provides information about how much and which devices our power supply unit can supply with power guarantee the best efficiency. In order for the UPS to fully perform its task, it is necessary to select a model whose output exceeds the total output of the connected devices.

Switching time
It determines how quickly the UPS reacts in the event of a power failure. The lower the value, the better the UPS. The Green Cell UPS guarantee the shortest switching times, so that they react immediately to power failures and thus guarantee the security of your documents and devices.

Why a modified sine wave?
Using a modified sine wave makes it easy to build the UPS, which means it has a lower failure rate and weight. If you choose a modified sine wave, you don't have to worry about the work of the connected equipment!

Always under control
In order to be able to use all functions of the Green Cell UPS system, special software has been developed that enables advanced device management. The application guarantees simple and intuitive operation, so that there are no problems with using it. The program provides a real-time preview of measurement data, including input and output voltages, UPS load frequencies, device temperatures and battery capacity. Program the automatic shutdown of the system, set notifications and e-mail warnings in the event of switching to battery power. You can get to know these and many more functions by using the software