Green Cell replacement battery AGM05 12V/7.2Ah


Green Cell AGM05, Sealed lead acid (VRLA), 12 V, 1 pc(s), Black, 7.2 Ah, 5 year(s)

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Green Cell AGM05. Rechargeable battery/battery technology: Sealed lead acid (VRLA), Rechargeable battery/battery voltage: 12 V, Number of rechargeable batteries/batteries included: 1 piece(s). Weight: 2.15 kg, width: 151 mm, height: 95 mm

The AGM Green Cell battery with a voltage of 12V is a model made of high-quality materials that is suitable for both buffer and clock operation. The battery is based on AGM technology, which means that the electrolyte is absorbed into the fiberglass separator, which prevents it from leaking. This allows the battery to work in many positions, not just vertically. This is a great, much safer alternative to lead-acid batteries.